Hey everyone,

This weekend, the Society of Women Engineers had their semi-annual members retreat. But this year we decided to change up what we did for the retreat.  We (the executive board) decided it would be fun to have our members retreat on a yacht!

It was so much fun! The yacht was three stories with a deck and a dance floor. It was a Huge success. We had 70 people go on the yacht and there were around 30 people on the wait-list   We meet at SPD (the engineering Fraternity at USC) from there we got on a bus and headed to Marina Del Ray.  We hopped on the boat and cruised around the Ocean for 4 hours! Not only was this members retreat fun but it allowed for many SWE members to meet new people in SWE.

Events like this are the reason why I am a member of SWE. I meet so many amazing and cool new girls who were all engineers! It was also a fun way to relax after a long week of studying.

I cant wait to see what we think up for next semesters members retreat!

Let me know if you have any questions!

~Caitlin Sarian