I can not believe its almost summer and I am about to graduate.  It seems like just yesterday that I was a freshman.

Anyways I am here to tell you about my summer plans.

First off let me just start by saying that I have never been so excited for summer to come.  My summer is chalk-full of things to do.

For starters, two days after I graduate, I am heading for Europe with my friends to go on a 25 day Euro-trip.  We are going all over the place.

Starting in Berlin Germany we will then go to Zurich Switzerland and then to Lauterbrunnen Switzerland to go paragliding across the swiss alps. After Switzerland we are heading Prague, and then going to Austria, we will be going to Vienna and Graz.  In Graz we are going to the famous floating cafe!  After Austria we will be heading to Italy where we will be seeing Venice, Florence, Rome and Riomaggiore.  From Italy we will be taking a night train to Nice France.  After Nice we will be heading up to Paris, from Paris we will be heading to Luxembourg, from there we will be heading to Brussels Belgium . From Belgium we will be going to Amsterdam and after Amsterdam we will be going back to Berlin.  From Berlin we will be  flying home.  I cannot wait for this amazing trip and experience with my friends.

After my Euro-trip I have 2 days until I start my 10 week internship at Chevron Oil Refinery in El Segundo.  I am so excited to be working at Chevron.

While I am working I will also be enrolled in a graduate class at USC.  I am taking ISE 544 Management of Engineering Teams.

Overall my summer will be very busy but extremely fun.  On top of all this I always have summer goals that I try to accomplish.  Last year I wanted to learn french and learn how to box. And I completed them.

This year my goals are

  • Train with my dad to run half marathon
  • Get my motorcycle license

Overall I cannot wait for this summer to start!