Let me first start off by saying Happy Belated Holidays!

Happy Holidays from some Tri-Delta Seniors

However, Now that the holidays are over, it is time to get back to school.  I cannot believe that this is my last semester as an undergraduate student! It is bittersweet and I definitely do not want my amazing undergraduate experience to end in a couple of months.  However, these months are going to be filled with amazing learning experiences as well as fun social outings.

One of the most exciting things about a new semester is a new schedule and all new classes! One class that I am really excited about it AME 331 Heat and Mass Transfer.  Since my previous internship at GE-Energy dealt a lot with heat transfer within Board Mounted Power devices, I already know I am really enjoy learning all about heat transfer.

Another class I am excited about is My Engineers as Teachers class.  This is a class where you go to local under privileged elementary schools and host a family science night every week.  Since I took this class last year, I am returning as a Teachers Assistant.  I know that being a teachers assistant will also be a valuable learning experience.

Engineers as Teachers

One social outing that I was really excited about was celebrating my friends 22nd birthday up at my Lake Arrowhead house.

Lake Arrowhead!

We stayed up there for a couple days and just relaxed, walked around the lake and watched old movies, like Space Jam and Mary Kate and Ashley movies. Last weekend was so much fun and so relaxing

Another social outing that I am excited about is the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Regional Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah! Last semesters National SWE conference was so much fun in Houston, on top of going to the conference, we found time to go line dancing, go to a Billiards hall, and had some Original Tex-Mex and Queso dip!  I cant wait till we have more adventures in Salt Lake City Utah.

Overall I cannot wait for this semester to start because there are so many amazing things I am looking forward to, but I do not want this semester to end because that means my amazing undergraduate experience will be over =(

Talk to you guys soon!