Its midterm season, and we all know what that means… TONS of stress.  We all have our own ways of easing the stress and one of my favorite ways is to going somewhere calm and relaxing to just think about life.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite spots on Campus that are very tranquil and serene  They are places I go for a study break, or even to just get away from student life for a bit.

One spot I love going to at night is the fountain next to Tommy Trojan (located in Hahn Central Plaza).  This fountain is beautiful and at night is all lit up.  The water is very soothing to listen to and you can sit in front of it and see Tommy Trojan in the background as well.

Another place I love to go is the baseball field (Dedeaux field) next to Kaprielian Hall.  Many people do not know that this field is left open 24 hours.  I love going into the stadium and sitting in the seats and just thinking.  Its always so calm and quiet.

My favorite place to relax in-between classes or tests is called the Blacklist.  The blacklist is located next to the USC Fisher Museum which is close to Exposition Blvd. It is a place where there are stone benches nestled among olive trees and set inside a garden. It is so beautiful and quiet.

Hope you enjoyed my top 3 most relaxing places on campus and Let me know if you have any other relaxing places.

~Caitlin Sarian