Hey Guys,

So this semester I decided to sign up to be in a swimming class because I had an extra unit.

I used to swim competitively when I was younger but once we had to start flip turning I got to scared, quit and went to cheerleading (which is ironic because I soon had to learn how to flip both forward and backward on the ground).  I always loved to swim when I was younger, in fact, my dad used to call my fish because I would refuse to get out of the pool.  So I figured swimming was perfect!.

I am a very active person and love working out and running.  However it was always a concern of mine that when I get older my knees would get to weak to continue running, since knee problems run in my family.  I knew that once my knees gave out I would start swimming since swimming was a great workout and puts a very small amount of force on your joints. Because of this, I wanted to lerarn the proper ways and techniques of swimming.  So thats why I signed up.

This semester, swimming has been my saving grace during the middle of the days.  I have learned so much and enjoy the workout as well.  Although we only swim for 45 minutes, it relieves so much of my stress and I feel refreshed and alive after.  Our teacher knows just how much to push us to give us a great workout while having a good time.

This class is also great because it has three levels, beginners (or people who don’t know how to swim), intermediate (people who have swam before but not competitively) and advanced, people who have swam competitively. And our teacher and TA cater to all the levels.

Overall, I am glad I took this class because it is a great workout, a good study break, and a fun class. So whether you are looking for a great stress reliever, a workout, or even learning how to swim, I would definitely recommend this class!

One Comment

  • I agree that swimming is a great form of exercise and I enjoy it as well. I have found in my middle years that my knees don’t take impact exercise as well and swimming is very low impact on my joints. There is nothing more soothing than feeling yourself glide through the water and you barely know that you are working out. Flip-turns can be scary and once I mastered them, I always wondered what I was so afraid of. Good luck with the class!