Hey Guys,

Sorry I was a little behind on this last blog, I have had some major computer issues that were just resolved yesterday (my computer wouldn’t turn on).  Anyways I wantted to share with you some of my experiences in living in the Delta Delta Delta (tri-delt) house.

I don’t have any insights about freshman dorms because I transferred to USC after freshman year.  However the first place I lived as a sophomore was Troy hall, one of the most popular places to live for sophomores and juniors. I enjoyed it a lot, but after a semester it was a lot cheaper for me to move into my sorority house, so I decided to move out of Troy hall and into the Delta Delta Delta House located on West 28th street, just a couple blocks from campus, or about an 8 min walk.  The Tri-delt house is a 3 story house and holds 65 girls.  There is a a gym, study room, kitchen, mini kitchen, two living rooms, a tv room and what we call a playroom.

The Tri-Delt House

I have been living in the tri-delt house since my second semester sophomore year, (the past 5 semesters) and I absolutely love it.  Its great because everyday I get to come back home to a mansion where all my friends are,  and there is always someone for that I can talk to and hang out with.  I am so thankful that I get to wake up in the mornings, roll out of bed and go downstairs to an incredible breakfast every morning.  We have two chefs at the tri-delt house and we get served three meals a day.  The menu is posted at the begining of every week and if you miss a meal do to class conflicts etc, they will make you a plate for later.  We also have a security guard that is at our door every night from 8pm-4:30am.

For me, living in my sorority house was the cheapest option for living.  Its extremely close to campus, includes food, I am next door neighbors with all my friends, , there is food, there is protection, and there is a gym and study room inside the house.  The major bonus is that all of this is cheaper than most housing places around campus.

I originally thought that it would be a nightmare living in a sorority house, being with so many girls all of the time, but it actually is an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

So if any of you end up rushing a sorority or fraternity,  I would definitely look into living in it, if you have a tight budget.