Hey Guys,

I hope you are having a great week. I wanted to share with you my experience of motorcycling riding down the coast with my dad.  Last week, I was having a very stressful week so I asked my dad if we could go motorcycle riding together.

One thing I love to do when I am stressed out is to go for a ride.  It is very relaxing and it gives me time to think and clear my head of everything that is worrying me, whether that be from school or friends.

This time my dad and I went for a long ride.  We started in Los Angeles and went all the way to San Pedro to look at the port and go over the St Vincent Bridge.

The St. Vincent Bridge!

After that we went and visited the USS Iowa which was docked in the San Pedro Port. The USS Iowa is the first of four best battleships ever made. Which was an awesome sight to see.

USS Iowa

After that we continued from San Pedro all the way to Palos Verdes and into El Sugeundo which took around 45 minutes.  It was beautiful.  Driving along the coast and seeing the sunset over the water.  Not only was it relaxing but it was very fun to see and hangout with my dad.

Overall I had a ton of fun and it was very relaxing to just drive down the coast.


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