Hello Everyone,

I wanted to talk to you all about my major, Mechanical Engineering. The reason why I choose this major was because it was a major that can be used in any business or corporation.  Since I did not know what other engineering majors entailed, I knew that mechanical engineering would be the best bet until I could figure out what I really wanted to do.  After a year in Mechanical Engineering, I found out that I loved it.

Some of the classes that I took that made me love Mechanical Engineering are Statics, Strength of Materials, Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Engineering problems, Linear Control Systems,and solidworks.

Solidworks has been my favorite class thus far. Solidworks is a building and simulation program and it is only offered at the highest Universities. this class teaches the how to use this program. The reason why this class is so cool and important is because many companies use this solid works program.  This class also allows you to get solidworks certified which is very impressive for a college student and you can put this certification on your resume.

Overall, Mechanical Engineers can be used anywhere. Mechanical Engineering is, in my opinion, the basic application of engineering in everyday life, and since I still do not know what I want to do. This major is perfect for me because I can go into anything I want and it wont limit my job options.

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  • Jigar Patel says:

    Next revolution will be from mechanical engineering and renewable energy. Renewable energy is mostly associated with mechanical engineering.