Being in LA there are tons of opportunities to meet famous people, travel to cool places, and go watch TV/talk and game shows being filmed.  A couple weeks ago I had received free tickets to the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Outdoor Mini Concert.  There are tons of websites where you can receive free tickets to shows like Sports Nation, Late night with Craig Fergson,  The Price is Right, The Ellen Degeneres show, The Jimmy Kimmel Show and much much more.

So my roommate Sam and I decided to get free tickets to the outdoor concert series that Jimmy Kimmel puts on every year.  We drove down to Hollywood to see TIm McGraw perform on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

This show was one of the best shows I have seen in my life.  We were in the third row right next to the stage, we were so close that we got to touch Tim McGraw’s hand!  One of the best moments of my life considering how big of a country fan I am.  Its situations like this where I am reminded that Los Angeles is an amazing place because there are sooo man cool opportunities that you can take advantage of ( like going to a free concert and touching TIm McGgraws hand)

Some of the pictures that I took at the concert are below, so feel free to check them out