Out Event Invitation

Out Event Invitation

This summer I am working at GE Energy in Dallas TX.  One of the main things I learned from my internship last summer is to get involved in as many organizations as possible. Not only do you get to meet a lot people but you get to see how the company is run and how everything works.  I decided that I wanted to get involved in the GE Women’s Network (GEWN).  And in the GEWN I decided to join the scholarship committee.

I had recently received a Society of Women Engineer scholarship from GE so I felt that if I joined the group, it would be a great way for me to give back and thank them for giving me the scholarship.  This past Monday, the Dallas hub of GEWN hosted their largest fundraising event of the year.  It was a wine tasting event.  There were over 150 people at this event and of those people, was the Vice Chairman of General Electric Company and CEO of GE Capital Mike Neal. As well as the President & CEO of GE Retail Finance, Margaret Keane.  As well as employees from around 10 different GE sites in Dallas.  At this event I was asked to make a speech expressing how much the scholarship meant to me and how much it helped me. However, they had told me I had to make the speech right when I got to the event.  Although it was very intimidating to speak in front of such an important and large audience and not have a prewritten speech, it was great learning experience.

On top of that I got to talk to both Mike Neal and Margaret Keane (and had 30 min one on one conversations with the both of them!) Not only was it good practice of speaking in front of an audience and good practice of thinking on my feet. But, it was a great way to network with very important people!

Also, after I met them, I sent a follow up email.  Hopefully if I ever need anything, I can email them and they can help me.

The GEWN Scholarship Committee wasn’t the only thing I joined here at GE. I was elected as the Intern Ambassador and I am also in the Asian Pacific American Forum (APAF). Everything that I am involved in has taught me something and it’s worth the work of the club.

So go out and get involved!