So every Monday night, all the sororities and fraternities hold a nice dinner at their house called Monday Night Dinner.

For these dinners both the girls and guys dress up and sit in their respective houses and have dinner all together. What usually happens during these dinners (besides eating amazing food) is that each sorority or fraternity house get announcements from local companies or USC organizations.  USC greek life also has this cool tradition called deliveries.  Deliveries are little presents for your friends in other houses.  For example, if I wanted to say hello to my friend in another fraternity or sorority, I might send them a little candy bar with a note attached and it would then get delivered to them at their house. Deliveries can range from a piece of candy to roses.  Anything you want to send to someone in another house you can.  One time my friend even sent a hamster!

However, deliveries and announcements aren’t the only things that happen during monday night dinner, during the first couple weeks of each semester, fraternities go to sororities and ask them to exchanges.  Exchanges are fun social events off campus that takes place between one fraternity and one sorority.  Usually, fraternities sing cute songs or do something silly to ask the sorority to an exchange, but this week my sorority got a HUGE surprise.  The Delta Tao Delta Fraternity (Will Farrells fraternity) had brought a special guest to help them sing a song to invite us to an exchange with them.

They brought JC CHASEZ from N*S*Y*N*C!!!! I was awe struck along with all of my other sorority sisters.  It was one of the craziest experiences because N*S*Y*N*C was a major part of  our childhood. Not only was it an amazing experience but somehow it got all over the news in a matter of 1 day.  It was on E-News, Perez, Total Fraternity Movement, and Lance Bass, another member from NYSNC, even tweeted about it.

This stuff only happens in LA and thats why I love how USC is in the heart of Los Angeles. Not only did we get someone famous singing to us but we got all over the news, which was so crazy.

I attached all the websites below if you would like to check them out!

JC Chasez with USC Delta Delta Delta House!



Lance Bass Tweeted at JC!