Hey Everyone,

So college (especially freshman year), can seem very scary and overwhelming.  I remember when I was entering freshman year, I had so many questions that were unanswered.  So I have made some helpful hints to ease your mind and help you have a smooth transition into freshman year.

1.) DO NOT Procrastinate

Obviously this is very hard to do ( I will admit that I do this a lot) but try not to.  Think of college like this: You will get a waffle everyday (waffle meaning knowledge, homework and projects).  You can choose to eat one waffle everyday or try to stuff yourself at the very end.  Its a lot harder to stuff yourself in one day with tons of information.  You might as well eat one everyday.  Do not procrastinate!

2.) Go to class

For anyone that has an 8am this might seem very hard to do but I promise you it will all pay off.  Your teachers will notice you are in class which will eventually help you develop a relationship with said teacher.  You will also learn more by attending that class.

In the classroom

3.) Try to meet as many people as possible

USC is so diverse! Being exposed to all the types of people and cultures is a life changing experience that will only happen if you break out of your shell and meet everyone.

4.) Be open-minded about situations/ take chances
Getting to college, there will be tons of new activities, people and situations, don’t be afraid of them accept them and run with it.  Have fun! You will learn something from every new situation you’re in.

5.) Try to get involved in at lest one organization

Try to get involved in a Design Team you learn a lot (and it looks really good on your resume). But, do not only get involved in Viterbi Orgs.  Try to get involved in organizations outside Viterbi and meet new people.

6.) ALWAYS go to the Viterbi Career Fair (even as a freshman you can start building your contacts)

Go to the career fair.  A lot of the same recruiters come back every semester so if you start building a relationship with them, it will be very beneficial when you are looking for an internship and job.

7.) Be a go-getter.  If you want something, don’t be afraid to go after it.

(Self explanatory)

8.) Maintain a healthy life style (that means knowing where the gym is)

Sometimes its hard to be healthy in college (especially your freshman year).  But I believe that being healthy is key to being successful and happy in college

USC Gym (Lyon Center)

USC Gym (Lyon Center)

9.) Go to at least 1 football game

USC athletics (especially football) is an amazing experience that you NEED to go and see yourself.  I guarantee that once you go to one football game, you will be hooked for life! FIGHT ON!

10.) Studying is important but you also need to have fun in college

Just have fun! Work Hard Play Hard is my motto.

Hopefully this helps.  Good Luck with everything and let me know if you have any questions or comments