Freshman year, I lived in a suite. Sophomore year, I lived in an apartment. This year I am trying something new and living in my sorority house! My sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, is made up of about 250 members, 57 of which live in the house. It’s one thing to be a member in a sorority (check out my blog about it here) Last semester I lived in a 4 person room (2 single beds and 1 bunk bed). I knew all of my roommates pretty well ahead of time so I knew it would be a good room. This semester, 2 of my roommates are studying abroad in Madrid (you can bet I gave them all my tips from my summer abroad) so our room broke up and I moved in with one of my other friends into a 2 person room. Living in a house with 56 other girls is probably the most unique living experience I’ll ever be in, but so far I’m love it!

my room last semester!

My favorite part about living in Gamma Phi is the fact that there’s always someone around to hang out with or talk to. I love that if I’m ever having a bad day or in the mood to get ice cream, I can walk into someone’s room and find a friendly face. It’s also nice that if I ever just want to get away and be alone, I can go to my room and binge watch Netflix in my bed without being bothered. Another awesome part about living in is that if I ever need to borrow something, I can post on our Facebook group or ask my roommates if they have it (there has literally never been something I couldn’t find). I was definitely worried that living with 3 other girls in 1 room would be too much, but I actually liked it better than my previous living situations with just 1 roommate! Having multiple roommates was fun because we would get ready together or talk about our days before going to bed (I know, typical sorority things lol).

Living in my sorority has also been super convenient because of the location! It’s located on the 28th street (aka the Row) along with a lot of other fraternity and sorority houses only like half a mile off campus. It’s right by a bunch of food places and super close to the Shrine (where I saw Porter Robinson!), so there’s always something to do close by. I love that our house is in LA because eating out has actually become a hobby (keep a lookout on my next blog detailing my fav places to eat in southern California), and my sorority sisters LOVE to brunch so there is no shortage of places to try!

love my new roomie

Living in a sorority is definitely unique, but so far I love it! All of my roommates have been awesome and I’ve committed to live in again next year! Keep up with my #srat adventures by following my Instagram (@briajamison).

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