The Semester I took 4 Classes in 4 Different Engineering Disciplines

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It’s senior year and let me tell you that senioritis is REAL. The good news is 3 out of 4 of my classes only meet once a week and all of them meet at 2pm or later so using my bed as an excuse to not go to class doesn’t really work anymore. Another good thing about my schedule is that all of my classes are engineering courses, so they’re all interesting and now that I have had 3 internships, I know how I will be able to apply them to industry. The interesting aspect of my classes this semester is that they are all in different engineering disciplines. I’m taking PTE-463L (Introduction to Transport Processes in Porous Media), ISE-460 (Engineering Economy), CE-484 (Water Treatment Design), and my favorite for obvious reasons, ENE-505 (Energy and the Environment). PTE is Petroleum Engineering; ISE is Industrial and Systems Engineering; CE is Civil Engineering; and ENE is Environmental Engineering.

senior year = hanging out on the roof of gphi

Last semester I took all civil and environmental classes and a geology class. These 3 different subjects were all related (CE and ENE are in the same academic department), and my classes all discussed topics that directly related to each other. Studying was much simpler, because when I studied for Engineering Geology, we covered similar material to Water Resources Engineering and Environmental Engineering principles (a 5 for 1 semester!!). Yet this semester, I am having a bit of a different experience. While I do see how all of my classes are important to my major and I know I will use them in the real world, they don’t directly connect to each other and I’m putting a lot more work. The benefit to that is I feel like I’m becoming a more well-rounded Environmental Engineer. I don’t know what exact path I am going to take when I graduate, but I appreciate an education that gives me insight into water quality, air quality, green technologies, oil and gas, etc.

I’ve already had 2 midterms and I still have 2 go to, so I should probably get back to my work. If you have any questions about anything I talked about, make sure you head to our Live Chat happening Nov. 5th! There will be more info up as we get closer, but keep it on your radar 🙂

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