hello hello happy new year!!

Christmas day with mom!

We just wrapped up our first week back from winter break aka Week 1/15 of my last semester of undergrad 🙁 Going home this winter break was actually really tough this year because I was not ready to leave SC and all of the awesome people here. Especially now that I’m 21, there’s just SO much to do in LA and so many people from all walks of life – going back to my hometown wasn’t really at the top of my list. But I went, saw my friends and fam, did the holiday thang, and I’m so so soooo happy to be back!!

bestie wine night with our mamas!

I successfully did NOTHING productive over break, so now I’m getting excited planning out the semester and getting my life together. Some things I’m excited for this semester: Coachella, Gamma Phi Senior Vegas Trip, Spring Break, and of course, Commencement! I mean have you seen the Coachella lineup?? Expect me to be nonstop talking about it for the next 6 months.Along with all of the fun senior year stuff I’ll be doing, I’m also excited for things like the Women’s March on January 20th and all of the admitted student events we have this semester! It’s v bittersweet welcoming all of the Viterbi Admits who will start college the semester after I graduate :’)

visiting friends in SF

Well, I am going to attempt to start off the semester on the right foot and actually do my homework well ahead of when it’s due, so I’m signing off for now! Follow me on insta to keep up with my senior spring adventures: @briajamison.



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