hello hello! as we near the end of the semester (only 1 more month until finals!), I’m choosing my senior year courses, making plans for the summer, and trying to figure out what post-undergrad life is going to look like for me. Transitioning into the final chapter of my undergraduate years is bitter sweet, but I am so excited for what this next year has to offer!

visiting home for a weekend!

First things first, I need to register for classes. Although I promised myself I would decrease my involvements at USC in order to have some more down time in my schedule…….. that didn’t exactly happen. In fact, I was recently elected to the USC Society of Women Engineers 2017-2018 Executive Board as the Vice President of Operations! So I guess you could say I’m increasing my involvements… but that’s the great thing about college – you get to do things you’re passionate about! I wouldn’t be serving on the SWE-Board if I didn’t feel passionate about the organization, so I’m excited to begin my position! I will also still have my position in Gamma Phi in the fall and it’s football season, so I’m trying to give myself a lighter load in the fall than in the spring.

finally enjoying nature now that i’m not crippled

Looking forward to the summer – I am so excited to be staying in LA! I’m working as a Site Solutions Intern at Ramboll Environ in their downtown LA office. I already know where I’m living (down the street from my sorority and in a house I’m subleasing from some friends I met through #ViterbiAbroad!) and when I start work, so now I’m focused on planning trips. The first summer I lived in LA, I didn’t explore LA as much as I would have liked so I’m really excited to make it more of a priority. I turn 21 in June so that will open another world of things to do in the city! I am also finally ready to start hiking again (a year and a half post surgery lolz), so I’m planning lots of hikes and camping trips in California. I think I’m going to go skydiving again too, but that costs $$$$$ so we’ll see!

always running into the #abroadsquad

The last thing that’s been on my mind a lot more lately is “what am I going to do with my life?” On one hand, I’m really nervous that I don’t know exactly what I want to do. I’m definitely applying for the USC Progressive Degree Program just so I have it as an option, but honestly I have no idea what I want to do when I graduate. I’m hoping that my internship this summer helps me figure it out, but I’ve always wanted to go into nonprofits or some type of form of service, so who knows. The nice things about being a Viterbi student is that I know that as soon as I figure out what I’m going to do, I have all of the resources and opportunities to make it happen.

If anyone has any life advice for me, hit me up – but in the mean time, catch me on Insta at @briajamison 😛



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