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Wow, I can’t believe it’s already October. This semester is flying by and Halloween (the best holiday ever) is around the corner! The Fall Viterbi Career Fair is also around the corner and I’ve already started prepping for it.

my pumpkin that won for last years pumpkin decorating contest at the law library

my pumpkin that won for last years pumpkin decorating contest at the law library

Last year, I took my resume to the Viterbi Career Services office and had someone look over it with me and give me suggestions. I also had my SWE mentor Maisie look over my resume right before the career fair. Because I was a freshman, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to go to the career fair assuming I wouldn’t get any offers, but Maisie encouraged me to go to network and get my name out there. She gave me some tips on how to approach recruiters, and it worked out great because I ultimately got my internship offer through the career fair. After my internship this summer, I have a lot to add. I’m also in VSAMP (Viterbi Student Alumni Mentoring Program), so I’ve been paired up with a USC grad who graduated with an Environmental Engineering degree and has worked in a nonprofit before. She mentors me by giving me advice about my classes and career related prospects, so I’m excited to hear her feedback on my resume and her advice for navigating the career fair.

A best resource for students is the career connections office

A great resource for students is the career connections office

Now that I’ve completed my construction internship from last summer, and I have some experience under my belt in the construction industry, I’m considering construction again, but my main career goal for this year is to find an internship in a different field. I recently accepted a part time student engineer position with Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (LACSD) for the school year, so I may pursue opportunities with them. I’m really excited for the career fair and interested to see all of the different job opportunities available for my major. After the career fair, Society of Women Engineers (SWE) will be hosting a Fall Evening with Industry where Engineering students (women AND men!) can connect with recruiters and industry professionals the night of the career fair in a dinner setting. Its a great way to talk with recruiters in a more personal way and allow them to get to know you better!

Viterbi takes free linkedin photos for all engineering students

Viterbi takes free linkedin photos for all engineering students


My position in LACSD is really new; I just accepted this week and I haven’t started working yet, but I’m SO excited to learn about their programs. Some things that LACSD does include solid and waste recycling, wastewater and sewer systems, and converting waste into resources (click here to go to the LACSD website for more info!). The work I’ll be doing should coincide nicely with my Environmental Engineering Microbiology class this semester because one of the ways we break down waste is through microorganisms, so it will be cool to apply what I’m learning in my class to real life.


Working with LACSD will give me some experience related to my ultimate career goal. Combining my minor in Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and Volunteerism with Environmental Engineering, I hope to work with nonprofits and other engineers to make clean water available to those in developing countries by creating independently working water treatment systems and providing residents with the training and infrastructure needed to keep them running. If you have any questions about internships, networking, my life goals, or anything else I mentioned, don’t hesitate to ask! Also, follow me (@jamisonbria) on twitter and insta!




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