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Hello! Welcome to my student page! I’m Bria, a senior studying Environmental Engineering from Bakersfield, California. On campus, I’m involved in Society of Women Engineers and a social sorority, Gamma Phi Beta! I’ve had a few internships, one with MATT Construction and one with LA County Sanitation Districts. The summer after my sophomore year, I lived in Spain and studied abroad through the Viterbi Overseas Program and this past summer, I lived in LA and interned for Ramboll Environ, an environmental consulting firm, doing remediation work. Follow me on Instagram to see more of my life at USC!

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Last year, I was on the executive board of my social sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, serving as Vice President of Panhellenic Affairs, where I was the liaison between my house and the university. I also planned events with other sororities on campus!
The Viterbi Overseas Program is a 7 week study abroad program for engineering students. I spent the summer after my sophomore year in Madrid, Spain. During the week, I took classes in upper division writing and thermodynamics. On the weekends, I travelled all throughout Spain!
SWE aims to stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders. I’ve met an amazing group of women through this organization, and I love that the USC chapter includes a variety community, social, and professional networking events!

My Major at USC: Environmental Engineering

My Favorite Classes
I’m in this class right now and it’s by far my favorite class I’ve ever taken at USC. Our professor, Dr. Sanders, discusses all of the different energy sources in the US and around the world and the environmental and human health impacts of all of these technologies. We also discuss how we can get electricity and power to the masses and the role transportation plays in that.
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High School Extracurriculars

I did whatever made me happy. I did a bunch of random stuff that I loved even if it didn’t scream “perfect college applicant.”

Application Essays

In my essays, I wrote about what I truly feel passionate about. It's so much easier to write when you feel strongly about something!

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My Netflix Obsessions

  • Black Mirror is a Netflix original, and it is so addicting! It is like a modern day twilight zone that shows what the world will be like if we take our technologies to the extreme. When I was abroad, we all fell in love with this show!

  • Don’t judge me. Secret Life of the American Teenager became my guilty pleasure this year. The acting is not great and honestly neither is the plot line, but I loved watching it regardless.

  • House of Cards is such a great show. I love political dramas because they make you wonder about all of the things our government might be hiding from us.