When thinking about my favorite classes, I have two in mind that I love: PPD 402 and CE 210L.

I took CE 210L (aka Introduction to Environmental Engineering Microbiology) last semester and it was such a cool experience. In class we learned about sulfur bacteria and their role in odor control and crown corrosion in sewer pipes, and the same week we learned that, I began my internship at LA County Sanitation District where I worked on that exact issue in their Compton Field Office. This class was so applicable to real life issues and was tailored to my major, I really enjoyed it.

CE 210L

PPD 402 is called Management of Public and Nonprofit Organizations for my minor in Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and Volunteerism and I’m taking it this semester. My professor is always employing interesting ways of getting us involved. Recently, we took a personality test called “True Colors” and spent the whole class talking about how to communicate with people with different colors (different personalities). It was really interesting to talk about how our personalities can affect us in management roles. My professor is super awesome and I’m so excited for the rest of the semester!

True Colors

If you want to take the True Colors Personality test that I took, you can go here (I’m equally green and gold, leaning toward green)!  Or if you want to know more about LACSD, go to their website here. As always, follow me on Insta and Twitter (@jamisonbria)!

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