hey what’s up hello – comin’ at you live from sunny Los Angeles, California!!

arts district

This summer I’m living in LA and working full-time as an intern for Ramboll Environ in their DTLA office. Since my sorority house is closed during the summer, I am subleasing from one of my friends (that I met at #ViterbiAbroad which you can read about heeeere), so I still live right by USC. During the week, I’m either working at my office in the Cal2 building or I’m running around to our different sites to see the projects Ramboll is doing. Ramboll Environ is an environmental consulting firm, so basically we’re the people you call when you think you’re site or business is in a polluted area or is itself causing pollution and we help remediate the pollution, but I’ll leave the details of my internship to another blog later this summer.

Shopping and Sushi at Glendale Galleria

My 21st birthday just passed, so now I really get to explore LA and all it has to offer. I’ve been out to so many restaurants and bars and will definitely put together a list of my favorites at some point. To celebrate my birthday, a group of my friends all went to San Luis Obispo to go wine tasting in Paso and out to bars in Downtown SLO! It was so much fun that now I want to take so many more trips around California like to San Francisco, San Diego Santa Barbara… Living in central Los Angeles as a young college student is honestly the best. You’re only a metro ride away from Santa Monica Beach or a quick uber to DTLA. I’ve had so much fun visiting different districts and trying out new food and drinks. Since most of the time I’m driving all around to different client’s sites for my job, I actually am only in LA nights and weekends and I get to see the restĀ of southern California when I’m out working. Last friday after work I went to Manhattan Beach for the first time and just laid out on the beach alone for a few hours. It was beautiful and the perfect place to be alone after a long week.


wine not?

One #adulting thing that I have not been doing well at is cooking… Two summers ago when I worked for MATT Construction and lived in North Hollywood, I cooked 3 meals a day everyday for myself and was on a pretty regular eating plan. Now that my schedule changes slightly everyday depending on where I’m driving to AND Ramboll pays for my breakfast and lunch costs when I’m out in the field, I have been too lazy to actually cook dinner lol and it’s resulted in me eating out waaaay too much. But the bright side of that is that I get to try new food places!! And it’s made me more social because since I’m too lazy to make dinner, I’m always making plans to get food with someone.

I’m about halfway through #summer2017 and honestly I could cry because I’m having so much fun and I don’t want it to end. Keep up with my summer adventures on my insta @briajamison!!



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