Hey guys,


I can’t wait until this weekend. As you read this I am on my way to Las Vegas for our annual Vegas Formal. Vegas Formal is something I look forward to every year! The planing that goes into this massive event is amazing.

Let me back up for a bit and tell you what Vegas Formal encompasses and why it is so much fun! It consists of a weekend in Vegas as you can imagine. Members of the fraternity bring a date and we get on buses on Friday afternoon in order to get to Las Vegas by Friday night. Once in Vegas we have suites rented for both Friday and Saturday night. This year we have the One Story Sky Villa for the first night and we have the G Suite for Saturday night. Other than that we make some good reservations for dinner on the strip. Last year we had dinner at McCormick and Smicks and it was amazing. I would highly recommend the Mac & Cheese (hint: it has bacon in it) and the Creme Brulee. My favorite part however is during the day on Saturday, just relaxing by the pool and usually taking a nap. When I go to Vegas Formal I just relax. It is a nice break from the spring semester and I get to see all of the brothers in my fraternity, meet a lot of new people, and just relax in a different environment.

205805_10150171041089041_7458698_nThere is a lot of planning that goes into Vegas formal and it all starts in the fall of the semester before. Rooms need to be booked for everyone in the fraternity, buses need to be booked, roommate selection needs to occur, bus time slots need to be distributed, dinner reservations need to be made, and one of the most important things, our fraternity Sweetheart needs to be selected. This is a high honor and is voted on by the whole chapter. The Sweetheart is someone who has made a great impact on the house in the past year. She generally know the whole membership of the house, helps out with house events, and brings an outgoing and fun-loving nature to the house. The award for Sweetheart is given during Vegas Formal on the second night of actives usually during dinner.

As you can tell I am really excited to be going to Vegas. I can’t wait to relax by the pool at the Palazzo. It will hopefully be as enjoyable of an experience as it has been the last two years. I will let you know how it goes!



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