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Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Sorry that my blog post wasn’t on Friday this week, I was traveling up to San Jose for final round interviews for a healthcare technology consulting position with PwC and I just got back last night. I know a lot of my other friends have been writing about their favorite places around Los Angeles so in true food junkie style I wanted to highlight some great restaurants (read: hidden gems) around LA. If you need any more suggestions feel free to reach out to me.

Wooden Spoon:

Talk about hole in the wall! This place is a great sit down restaurant with a vibe that I can’t help but to say is “hipstery”. From the different colored and sized china that they have on the table to the cinnamon water that they serve, it is very eclectic. The menu is adorned with soulful Brazilian food options all of which are amazing. I would highly recommend the Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie or the Franco com Quiabo (brazilian chicken stew) but you really can’t go wrong. Plan to spend a while here as the atmosphere is relaxed and you just might end up talking to your friends or significant other all night long. It is a great little spot in downtown Los Angeles to relax and expand your culinary taste buds.

Manna Korean BBQ:

DSC00335Korean BBQ, I had no idea what it was when I got to LA but I heard that it is all the rage. I knew that I had to seek out this promised land during my college adventure. I found a great place called Manna Korean BBQ in the heart of Little Tokyo. Once you go into the complex that the restaurant is in you are instantly transported to a Tokyo marketplace. It was amazing to wander around for a little bit before getting dinner. Manna has an upscale chic feel to it. They play electronic music and have an unlimited side order bar area. $17.99 will get you unlimited food and side orders but be careful not to leave any extra food on your plate or you will get charged. You can be satisfied with such cuts as Kobe Pork Belly, Angus Marinated Boneless Beef, or Marinated Boneless Chicken. If you are feeling really daring try the large intestine (let me know how it is).

23rd Street Cafe:

Talk about fusion – 23rd street cafe has it all. It mixes Indian, American, and Mexican foods to come up with some mouth watering combinations. Where else could you get a Chicken Tikka Burrito (my favorite).  The restaurant is only a quick walk from campus and has ample seating for all. The service is always fast and everyone is super nice. The menu is extensive so I have only been able to try a handful of menu items but I am looking to expand that this year since all of their food is so good.

Have a great rest of your weekend,


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