Hey everyone,

Hope that you have had a great week so far! I know I have! In my last blog, I promised you that I would upload some pictures from my road trip for spring break and let you know how it was, and I don’t like to break promises so here it goes.

The road trip was absolutely amazing! One of my friends came into my room the other day and said hey Brenton, “why do you road trip?” So I stopped and thought about it for a long time. To be honest I really think that taking a road trip helps to restore a sense of balance in one’s life. As much as I wanted to go and have fun in Cabo, Miami, or one of the many other Spring Break destinations, my road trip gave me something that I couldn’t have found in any of those places: my road trip actually helped to make me feel fulfilled. While I was looking out onto the massive work of art called the Grand Canyon, I realized how small not only I am, but also my problems are, in the grand scheme of life. As we were hiking to the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park we sat in awe at how beautiful the world was and had a few moments of silence to take it all in.

Sights like these really give you something to live for, and they are only a hop, skip, and a jump away from USC. I honestly would have felt guilty not going on this trip because all of these beautiful things are right in our back yard. If I didn’t go on the trip then I would still be graduating from USC in six short weeks but I would never know if I would have the chance to see these awesome sights with some awesome friends after then. Enough of me talking though, I am going to make this post one of my shorter ones and show you what you came here for, the pictures from the trip!

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