My last spring break as an undergraduate. It is pretty surreal! As the weeks march towards graduation I keep reflecting on my experiences here at USC and can’t believe how fast college has flown by. Okay, enough of the nostalgia, it’s time to live in the moment and right now my Spring Break has just started.

Spring Break, a time to relax, a time to have fun, and of course a time to see the world! Being an engineer, I had the urge to plan out every waking hour of the road trip: camp grounds to stay at, sights to see, how long to stay at attractions and how fast/where to drive to get the least drag and best gas mileage (kidding …. only slightly). Yet, I resisted. Also the two other friends that are going on the road trip resisted as well, they are both engineers too. We opened up a map, did some research and circled some areas of interest. So now you may ask what the plan is, all I know is that our general plan for the week is as follows:

    1. Los Angeles to San Diego
    2. San Diego to Phoenix
    3. Phoenix to the Grand Canyon
    4. Grand Canyon to Denver
    5. Denver to Las Vegas
    6. Las Vegas to Los Angeles


Attractions that we want to see along the way include:

    • Grand Canyon (of course)
    • San Diego Zoo
    • Arches National Park
    • Hoover Dam
    • Petting Coyotes in Colorado
    • Four Corners
    • Lake Havasu


I haven’t even packed yet and we are leaving tomorrow morning at 8:00 am so I should probably go do that. I will be tweeting throughout the week but be sure to check back after Spring Break and I will let you know how our road trip turns out.



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