One of the things that amazed me most about USC when I came was the willingness of the students to just pack up there things and go home, take a weekend trip to Palm Springs, or fly to an away football game or any other assorted location. Many friends would leave on a Thursday night and take a weekend trip to New York City, Chicago, or even just to Northern California. I had never been a frequent flier and all of this travel, now that I was living in a major city of the United States, was new to me.

When I came back as a sophomore I wanted to start to experience traveling during the school semester. I decided that I wanted to see my twin brother who goes to school at the University of Maine, and one of my best friends who goes to school at Colby College in Maine. I left on a Thursday night and flew all night in order to get to Portland Maine. Emily picked me up from the airport in Portland around noon and drove me back to Colby College. The college was great, definitely different from USC. It was fall so it was crisp and cold. Only about two thousand people go to school at Colby so it was small and tucked away. The dining hall had great food, and then we caught up with her roommate in her dorm. While there I met her friends on the soccer team and then went and saw Timeflies with all of her friends.

When we woke up the next morning we went to see the Colby football team play a game at Bowdoin. My brother met me there and we all caught up about how school was going. After the game I said goodbye to Emily and got a ride back to the University of Maine with my brother. We had a great time there playing with his new Kinect, seeing the new apartment he moved into, and catching up with his roommates. We walked around his college and the cold New England air reminded me of home.

Before I knew it, it was time to go back to school so my brother drove me back to the airport and I boarded the plane back to Los Angeles. It was great to see them both while they were still in college and the campuses were alive the students and productivity. It was great to see the environment where they spend most of their time. I hope they come out and visit me soon too!