Hey everyone,

I hope that your weeks have been great! I can honestly say that this has been one of the most magnificent weeks of my life here at USC. Yesterday at 5:34 pm an email I received from the Order of the Torch selection committee changed my life here at USC forever. Let me rewind first though.

I didn’t know that the journey towards this moment started the day I stepped on campus for orientation. Heck, I didn’t even know what Order of the Torch was until last year, when I heard about it from a friend. So what is it, you ask? Order of the Torch is a group of 12 graduating seniors selected by USC Administration in order to emulate and further the ideals of being a Trojan. The process to gain admission is a lengthy one. It starts with an application submission, is followed by an interview, and the final round is giving a speech in front of the selection committee and your peers.

I gave my speech on Wednesday night among 30 other highly qualified candidates, a lot of them close friends. The prompt for the speech was “What three things will you take with you when you leave USC?” We had two minutes to convey these things to the final round selection committee who was not involved in the previous two parts of the selection process, and had no context of what we have accomplished on campus. I detailed my transformation since coming to USC from Boston. My speech was centered around the following three things: a nickname I got as a Freshman Academy Coach (Papa Brenton), Trojan Spirit, and Trojan Family.


Now flash forward to yesterday at 5:34 pm. I got an email from the Order of the Torch selection committee. Yesterday I became a member of the Order of the Torch, and I feel on top of the world.

Not only will I get to showcase the passion I have for this university on a large scale but I also feel as though this accomplishment is the icing on the cake for my life here at USC. Everything I have been involved in, the excitement I have for everything that I do, the way USC has helped me to change and become more self confident over the years, it is all embodied in this recognition which is why it is so special for me. There are many more fun things to come such as being a part of the Homecoming Parade, helping to coordinate the senior class gift, helping to put on the Emerging Leaders Retreat, and so much more! I honestly can’t wait to start my journey!

Have a great weekend and keep on smiling, life is too short not to.



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