Hey guys,

Hope you had a great week! I know you are probably anxiously anticipating the weekend, hopefully you have some great plans! Starting off with the picture of the week. This week’s picture comes from the Intefraternity Council and Pnahellenic Council Mixer last weekend at one of my favorite restaurants, El Cholo! It was great Mexican food, and an awesome time to get to know all of the wonderful ladies that we will be working alongside for the upcoming year.



I can’t believe that Spring Break is 5 weeks away already! I know that seems like a long time but if I want to book any flights or trips then I have to start thinking about it right now. I already applied for an Alternative Spring Break program through Deloitte and Teach For America called Maximum Impact. I have always wanted to go on an Alternative Spring Break, and now just might be my time. I love to give back to the community around me and have done projects with the Los Angeles Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, homeless shelters, and have participated in a lot of other community service days throughout high school and in college. Maximum Impact takes place in Memphis and if selected we would get to directly help schools and students who face educational inequality, which would be so cool! However, over 730 applicants applied for nearly 25 spots so I am holding out hope right now; it would be a spectacular experience that I would really like to take part in!

If that doesn’t work out there are some other options that my friends have either done before or are doing this year. Some were thinking about going on a cruise for a couple of days to the Caribbean. Then there is always the infamous package deals to Cabo and Miami as well. I am thinking that now as I head into my last couple of years at USC that I would like to do something really fun for Spring Break. However, another thing that you may not have known about me is that I always try to do something bigger and better the next time I try it. This is why I can’t help but thinking that if I go to Cabo or Miami that it would be hard to top that during my other Spring Breaks.

Now tell me that Cabo doesn't look relaxing.

Now tell me that Cabo doesn’t look relaxing.

For the past two spring breaks I have stayed in Los Angeles and just discovered new places around LA. It sometimes gets hard to go out and explore with all of the projects, homework, and extra-curricular obligations but thankfully during Spring Break you get a moment to sit back and relax and really take advantage of everything. Especially since I am not a native of Los Angeles it is great to see all the things the city has to offer when I don’t have school on my mind.

I will definitely keep you guys update on the Maximum Impact program outcome, but for now I have to go and pick other people’s brains about what they are doing. Let me know what you think I should do for Spring Break by commenting below but if I get into the Maximum Impact Program I will be having fun enacting change in Memphis this break!

Hope you all have a great weekend,


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