Living in Marks Tower during my freshman year were some of the most memorable time I have had since being at USC. I met someone great people who I still stay in contact with today and had some many great memories. Marks Tower made my transition to USC from the east coast a pretty easy one. Marks Tower had separated floor by gender but floors never seemed distant.


Marks Tower was awesome! It stood to me as a symbol for independence. I had to learn how to do laundry on my own, work together with my hall-mates, get into a rhythm with a college workload, understand how to interact with roommates, and so much more. Marks Tower was a nice and relaxing setting to settle into college life. The quieter floors, proximity to Ground Zero (hands down best milkshakes on campus), and closeness to the library make it an awesome dorm!

My Resident Adviser (RA) for the year, Connor was awesome. He planned some great things for our floor to do together including a screening of Harry Potter in Downtown LA, Easter Egg painting and hunting, and even door decorating at the beginning of the semester.

I had a great roommate, Noah, and some awesome friends from the floor whom I still hang out with today. In addition, I hung out with many of the girls on the floor below me and we explored Los Angeles together a lot. We went to LA Live, went to Santa Monica for beach days, and would drive to hotspots in Los Angeles many Friday nights to try new food.

It is awesome to see how far everyone has come since Marks Tower. Now everyone is leading organizations, some are now resident advisers themselves, and everyone is landing internships for the upcoming summer. I had a great experience at Marks Tower on the 4th floor and it definitely made my experience here at USC super enjoyable from the time I was a Freshman!

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