Hey everyone,

This week was crazy! Can you believe that it is already November? I sure can’t. I had my second to last Freshman Academy Coach meeting today, and we are interviewing all the candidates for the 2014 Interfraternity Council board next week. It is pretty crazy that things are already almost coming to an end … please make it go slower, I don’t want senior year to end.

1317875659_mediumHowever, this blog post is not about how insanely fast this semester has been going by, it is about where I like to study on campus. I know that probably from some of my blogs post you are wondering, when does he have time to study maybe even, does he have time to study? I assure you that I sure do study a lot and I always make it a priority to make time to study. I like to spend one day a weekend studying and completing homework for the week because I like to get in the zone and get a lot done at once.

But where do I get in the zone? That is the real question. I will let you in on one of the best kept secrets at USC, Doheny library has some hidden study spaces. If you make your way back into the Book Stacks, where you would generally check out a book for an assignment, there are little cubicles and some hidden tables sprinkled throughout the nine floors of books. It is a great place to retreat to when you need to focus and get work done. I generally turn off my cell phone and listen to some 8tracks (study+instrumental) playlists. It is a great way to get in the zone and an even better way to crank out a bunch of work. See if you can find which floor is my favorite (hint: the 9th floor Book Stacks  is overhyped).

Fight On!


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