Today I want to tell you a little about my favorite extra-curricular activity, Order of Omega. But first the not-so-random picture of the week:

Me and my friends from National Honor Society back in High School

This picture comes from high school, and it is myself and a bunch of my friends from National Honor Society, NHS. I was Vice President our chapter of National Honor Society during my senior year and I had a blast completing my community service and giving back. I think that it why I wanted to get involved with an honor society on campus at USC. At USC I joined a Greek Honor Society called Order of Omega. It is an honor society that comprised the top 3% of the Greek Community here at USC. When applications are submitted three things are considered: GPA, involvement of campus, work experience / volunteer experience. This honor society is open to Juniors and Seniors at USC.

After getting accepted into Order of Omega I began my involvement right away. I am currently serving at VP Finance of Order of Omega and just got initiated last semester. Right now we are going through our recruitment process and all applications were due on Sunday. This weekend the Executive Board will meet and look through all the applications to decide who will be admitted. After this I will have to bill dues through out new PayPal account which I set up this summer and I will have to coordinate with our VP Events Coordinator in order to pay for everything for our Initiation Night.

There are lots of benefits to joining an honor society on campus. Order of Omega is great for networking and meeting with other leaders in the Greek Community. In addition, we will be putting on a speaker series for this year in which we will have professors, executives from companies and other well accomplished individuals come and talk to us about their journey and give us tips on how to succeed in whatever we plan on doing after college. In addition, we have an Order of Omega day retreat in which we will submerge ourselves with speakers, brainstorming, and constructive analysis surrounding a subject topic such as innovative leadership. Order of Omega also gets to interact with the governing body of the Greek System in order to put on the Greek Awards during the spring semester.

My duties as VP Finance are vast and I always have to be coordinating with the different officers, but I really do enjoy getting to work with the Greek Community, while networking and meeting leaders around campus. This is why it is my favorite student involvement. Steve wrote a great blog on Freshman Academy in which I am also a coach, and Gavin wrote on Fraternity life, which I am also involved in. Check out their blogs for more information. I am involved in a lot of other extra-curricluar activities as well so check out my page here and the extra-curriculars are on the side. Feel free to comment here and ask any questions regarding them.

See you next Friday,

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