Hey guys,

Hope you are all having a great week and looking forward to the weekend. First in my post is the random picture of the week:

My brother and I in New York during our Junior year of High School with the Statue of Liberty

Us at Disneyland, I was a firefighter.

This weekend was awesome. I was super busy and I really enjoyed every moment of it. As midterms and work start to pile up during the semester never forget to take some time out for yourself. This Friday I went to Mickey’s Halloween Parade which is a Disneyland late night pass in which they transform the whole park into a scary Halloween town. It was so much fun! They have candy trails all around the park so you can trick-or-treat while you are riding the rides and they change rides like Space Mountain into Ghost Galaxy. Going to Disneyland transports you into a while new world where you can forget all about the midterms, classes, and homework and really just enjoy life and the company of friends. The time flew by at Disneyland and I thoroughly enjoyed the night and got to de-stress.

Also Saturday was one of the first sorority philanthropies which I could attend. It was  Gamma Phi’s philanthropy called Crescent Classic. This was a handball tournament in which all the fraternities participated in and played against each other. It was the first philanthropy that was on a Saturday in a while so I could go, unfortunately I have class and work on Fridays when most of the philanthropies are. Gamma Phi had a water slide, some great music, and it was great to play in the competition. After we went to watch USC beat Washington.

The Team before Crescent Classic.

Me and some of my Gamma Phi friends.










Lastly, on Sunday Julie, my co-coach, and I took our Freshman Academy class to Santa Monica Pier. We showed them the ropes about public transportation, and then explored the pier. We then ventured off to Third Street Promenade and before we knew it, it was time to come back home. I had an awesome weekend and can’t wait for Parents Weekend this weekend. I already have plan to go out to eat with my adopt-a-family for the weekend, one of my fraternity brothers’ parents, since my parents can’t make it this weekend.

Enjoy your weekends,


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