It is easy when you are in college to get involved many organizations and spend lots of time on all your homework and projects. College is a balancing game however. You always need to take time out for yourself and really focus on things that will enrich your life.

After doing ¬†a lot of reflecting this semester it has been easy to see that the organizations I was involved in in high school were a little less time consuming and more surface level than the ones I have gotten involved in at college. These organizations have helped me to bolster my college experience but they have also helped to keep me balanced throughout my time here. I have only stayed involved with things I have been truly passionate for my four years here and I think that has made my experience amazing. Cultural organization, political organizations, religious organizations, student government, professional societies, you name it, it’s at college. So wherever you think you need a little boost or balance in your life seek those clubs and organizations out.

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In addition I owe a lot of my happiness in college to community service. From helping put on an elderly prom at Belmont Retirement home with the lovely ladies of Delta Gamma to volunteering at Friends and Neighbors Day, these things make me happy because they help to remind me of how lucky I am to be alive, to be at this amazing school, and to have friends and family that love and support me. It also helps me to recognize how I can make an impact on someone’s life as just a singular person. Lastly, I schedule time in order to do things around Los Angeles. I know it might sound crazy, but like I said it is easy to make time for yourself at the beginning of the semester but then when you start to get into the thick of the semester this time goes down drastically. One of my large promises to myself since I came here from Boston was to explore Los Angeles and all it has to offer, I really wanted to make it my home over these four years and I can truly say that it has become my home. From strolling down Hollywood Boulevard, having dinner at the Palm in Beverly Hills, driving up to Santa Barbara, or going to San Francisco for the weekender I have definitely explore my surroundings a lot and it makes me more appreciative everyday for the place that I currently live.

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