I always am thankful for going to school in Los Angeles. Every time I am overwhelmed or just want to do something fun or exciting there is always an event to attend. But first the picture of the week comes to us from last Friday at the Greek Gala


So what inspired this blog post was last Saturday night. It has definitely been a long semester being involved in a lot of organizations on campus, completing some of my hardest classes in my major, looking for an internship, and of course time for friends. Last Saturday I wanted to unwind and find sometime for myself. There is a small band called Timeflies which I have been an avid follower of since high school, they emerged from Boston. They produce great beats and create music which I would call a “classy rap” overlayed onto top hits. I had always wanted to see them but they were a band emerging on Youtube that did not tour. However, they announced that they were coming to Los Angeles, so I bought last minute tickets to go to West Hollywood and see them Saturday night. They were great! Such a fun night; I made some friends who were fans of the music, had a awesome night listening to them live and definitely got to take a step back from my busy life for a little bit.

JoJo, remember her, came out and performed with Timeflies. It was awesome!

This leads me into the best part of Los Angeles! I feel like one of the perks of being in a big city is that there are always things going on, always things to keep you busy, and you should never be afraid to be spontaneous. Let me go over just a few of the events going on just this weekend that some of my friends are going to:

All-Star Comedy Fundraiser with Dane Cook (11/10/12)- Downtown at the Laugh Factory, comedy is always a great way to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims.

Mumford & Sons Concert (11/10/12) – Right around the corner at the Hollywood Bowl, I kind of wish I had enough money to go to this concert right now! It should be a great show and I have always wanted to see them in concert.

The Book of Mormon the Musical (11/10/12-11/11/12)- a religious satire that a lot of my friends have been going to and saying that it is one of the most funny yet inappropriate shows they have ever seen. I am definitely intrigued and it is right down the street at the Pantages Theatre.

There is a plethora of opportunities right in the backyard of USC and I always love when I can take a break from my life on campus and experience life as a 20 year old through concerts, exhibits, beach trips, dining out and the list goes on. Can’t wait until next Wednesday as I will have finished my last midterm for the semester and start wrapping up my classes! This semester has gone by so fast, I can’t believe it.

Hope you all have a great weekend,


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