Hey guys, I hope that you all have some awesome things planned for the upcoming weekend. I know I can’t wait for it! The random pictures of the week comes from my younger years. It actually isn’t too random this week because I am looking forward to having my brother come out and visit me soon. As I have said before, I am from Massachusetts so generally my family has not seen me at school that much. My mom came out to move me in, my dad came out or orientation and my sister came out to see my during my sophomore year. I am really excited to have the last member of my family, my twin, visit in about two weeks.


My brother and I back in the day. Aren’t we just the cutest!

This year has brought new possibilities and leadership responsibilities for me. One of the most notable leadership experiences is being Executive Vice President of Administrative Affairs of the Interfraternity Council. The Interfraternity Council is composed of 24 fraternities on campus and the IFC Board oversees these 24 fraternities. Last week was recruitment week and the board was in charge of enforcing all the rules IFC Constitution and making sure that recruitment went smoothly. It was a long week but ultimately very rewarding.


The USC IFC Logo

Being on IFC allows for a more macroscopic view of the greek systems and how it interacts with the USC administration. It has been a great time getting to know everyone else on the board as well as some high ranking officials within the administration. For the last two and a half years I have been very active in my fraternity by being the scholarship chair for two consecutive semester and subsequently serving as Vice President during the 2012 school year. I was always dealing with the inner-workings of the fraternity, everything from how it was structured to how it functions amazed me. During my terms serving on the Executive Council and Executive Board I learned a lot about how to manage people, how to leverage personalities, and how to break down high level objectives into quantifiable deliverables  As Vice President I was responsible for making sure that every officer was completing their jobs and hand-holding them through certain tasks that fell under their responsibilities if they didn’t know how to do them. I even got to attend one of Phi Delta Theta’s President’s Leadership Conference, which was an amazing experience.

Bid Night for Phi Delt.

Bid Night for Phi Delt.

All my experiences at my chapter were to deliberately help the longevity of Phi Delta Theta however now as part of the IFC Board I work as part of a team to help instill the longevity of the Greek System here at USC. We meet with chapter presidents and give them perspectives in order to fix some problems like chapter apathy, chapter appreciation, or social events. In addition, I am establishing a Greek Directors program in order to help out with some Greek initiatives such as Green Initiatives, Greek Education, and Greek Housing. These smaller positions will definitely help with some of the new initiatives which we want to bring to light In addition, the IFC Board is working on a monthly newsletter, CPR certification for all Risk Managers of fraternity houses, and a new Mentorship Expose for all fraternity presidents.

I have only served in the position for two weeks technically, but have been working tirelessly since before break. The position has been one of the most intrinsically rewarding positions since Greek Life has been a large part of my life since coming to USC and I want to make sure that the community continues to succeed at USC in the future.

I went to other houses recruitment events throughout the week, and it was awesome to see how other houses recruit but I also got to go to our Blue Chip dinner which was great. It was at one of our fraternity brothers house which use to be John Wayne’s old house. It was amazing and the food was great.

Hope you have a great week,


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