I hope everyone is enjoying their summers. I know I certainly am. I always have enjoyed exploring new areas, especially cities, and jump at every chance I get to travel. From growing up right outside of Boston, to visiting New York City when I was a bit older, and now going school in Los Angeles, I have seen that every city is quite unique. This summer I get to be in Chicago (Chi-Town, The 312, I have even heard some call it New York Done Right). When I got here I was so excited that there was so much too do and so little time, so some other interns and myself decided to take to the street of downtown and see what made this city great. Tall sky-scrappers filled downtown, there was a Walgreens on every corner, and one of my favorite parts about the city was that is was so close to the waterfront of Lake Michigan that you could walk along the waterfront in downtown. Water-taxis were frequent, busy streets were a given, and great big parks were sprinkled throughout downtown seeming to always be present just when you needed a rest.

A view of beautiful downtown Chicago.

The following is a list of all the things that make Chicago great!

  • Deep Dish Pizza – the Pizza here is delicious, huge deep dishes with lots of cheese. You can even join the great Chicago debate as to which is the best deep dish pizza. I tried out Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s. Be prepared for long lines and a full stomach!
  • Parks  –  There are a bunch of small parks around downtown Chicago, one of the best known is Millennium Park. It has modern architecture, plenty of places to sit and even hosts a bunch of concerts. The Bean is right near Millenium Park as well. Grant Park is just around the corner from Millennium and houses Buckingham Fountain.
  • Parades and Festivals – there is always something to do downtown! Almost every weekend there is a parade or festival of some sort. The Pride parade was on my birthday and it was a lot of fun. Other festivals include: Rib Fest, Lollapalooza, Taste of Chicago (not to be missed, great restaurants give food tastings for a week downtown), Summerdance and so much more.
  • Restaurants – the restaurants in downtown Chicago are one step above the rest. Everyone that I have been to has been amazing. When my girlfriend came in to visit me I took her to C-House Restaurant and it was amazing, also the Weber Grill Restaurant is a standout.
  • Museums – from the Field Museum, which has a current display on Extreme Mammals, to the Shed Aquarium, Chicago has everything right downtown and centrally located. Other great museums include the Adler Planetarium and the Art Institute of Chicago, which has a really cool exhibit out on Roy Lichtenstein (Pop Art Exhibit).

Look who I found downtown, Arianna, a fellow Trojan who just graduated.

Other Awesome things to do Downtown:

I still have five more weeks here so if you have been to Chicago before or live around the area and you have some other fun things for me to go check out let me know by commenting below.

4th of July spent in style with my friend Kevin and his sister Hollis downtown at Lake Michigan.

Typical picture at The Bean in downtown. Had to be done.

My Birthday was on Chicago Pride Parade! Some new friends from DePauw University bought me a cake.










Also I wanted to start a new thing where at the end of each blog post I would let you guys know what I am listening to currently or a favorite song of the week. Music has been a big part of my life since Middle School and I enjoy discovering new music. If you have any suggestions let me know!

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