Hey everyone,
Hope you all had a great weekend. can’t believe we pulled out a narrow win at the football game this weekend. Therefore it is time for the not so random picture of the week. I think I caught more footballs than our offense during this game! Just kidding, always sending my Trojan love to the football team.


Now onto the meat and potatoes of the blog post this week, jobs…jobs…jobs. That is what seems to be on everyone’s mind now -a-days. Since it is senior year for me, everyone is deep into the process known as recruiting. Everyone is going to mixers, career fairs, and everything of the sort in order to network with employees form their favorite companies. This will help to see if the company is a right fit for the student and hopefully result in an interview.

I am in a weird position though since I have plans to pursue a Masters Degree in Engineering Management. I am actually looking for an internship for this upcoming summer. Not many companies recruit for internship in the all however. I did receive a return offer from GE Healthcare’s Commercial Leadership Program, the program I interned with last summer and I am thinking about returning for this coming summer. I have flexibility however because I don’t have to take my Master’s classes on campus, since they are available through the Distance Education Network, this means they are available online. So I could technically work while taking my classes as well. This opens up a whole array of options as I could potentially apply for full-time positions right now as well.

With the USC Career Fair already done and the Viterbi Career Fair coming up, I have just been trying to network as much as possible so that no matter where I end up and no matter what I end up doing I know that I will like the culture of the people at the work place as well as have stimulating work to do. I will definitely keep you updated on what I end up doing, things are definitely up in the air right now.

Have a great weekend,