So usually I would wait to post this until later in the semester but since as I am writing this I am thinking about what I am going to get for dinner tonight I thought it was an apt time for a food blog post. And of course I have always loved my food. Cue embarrassing baby picture!

That is me in the background stuffing my face. My twin brother is in the front. Not much has changed.

I like to eat, what can I say? Food and I have a love-love relationship. I have no shame at all, as you can see above. However, let me tell you a couple of my favorite places to eat around campus.

When your parent’s / siblings come to town:

I recommend Duke’s Malibu for an occasion like this. It is right on Pacific Coast Highway, which is breathtaking and the seating is right inside a restaurant on the beach. The food is great but not too pricey and the service is awesome. I definitely think it embodies nice Californian dining. I’m from Boston though so anytime I get to go to a restaurant on the beach in Malibu, I am in heaven.

When you want some “trendy” inspiration:

Try out Urth Caffe dowtnown or in Beverly Hills. It has a bunch of organic coffees and teas but also has awesome deserts and pastries like their blueberry cheesecake which is awesome! It is a nice place to sit and do some homework or even just reflect on the day or the homework you have to do. Overall it has a nice atmosphere and is a cool place to check out.

When you want food fast:

My favorite place for some fast food is Flame Broiler. It is a healthier alternative to tradition fast foods and they serve bowls comprised of brown or white rice topped with vegetables, chicken, shrimp, or beef. Service is fast, the food tastes great, and the Magic Sauce is a great compliment to any dish (take some extra home with you and experiment with other dishes). I usually eat here once on the weekends as it is inexpensive but provides a great meal before hitting the gym.

When you want something unique:

Whenever I am not to sure about what to get for food I grab a Boba from Cup O’ Joy. I have never had Boba before coming to the west coast; it is an interesting tapioca fusion inside a drink. If I want something refreshing I will get a Green Tea with Boba or if I am feeling something healthy I will usually get a Mango Smoothie with Boba in it. I can’t have Boba all the time but once a month or so it is a nice treat and alternative to whatever I have been eating that week.

When you want to discover the secrets of USC:

Be sure to go to Ground Zero behind Marks Tower. They have awesome milk shakes and usually have quest speakers, open mic nights, and comedy shows. It is a great little place to get some work done and meet new people. In addition it has an awesome assortment of milkshakes on the written menu, but the more time you spend there you will learn about unwritten milkshakes. Unlocking all of the items on the secret menu of Ground Zero is one of my missions for the rest of my time here at USC. You get to join the elite few of Ground Zero junkies who know all these shakes by heart if you figure them all out.


Well I am getting real hungry now so I am going to go grab something great to eat! See you next week.

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