My favorite event is coming up tonight at 7pm and it is the Annual Greek Gala. Fine, first you wanted a picture of my Halloween costume, here you go. This was one costume, I also dressed up as a Firefighter and Rugrat for different Halloween parties as well. 

But now back onto the Greek Gala. The Greek Gala is tonight and I am really excited. It is an event that happens once a year in which leaders and emerging leaders from all the fraternities and sororities on campus get together and highlight their accomplishments over the past year. Right now I still need to pick up my suit from the dry cleaner and figure out which tie I am going to wear, well actually if you have been reading my posts so far it is far more likely that I wear a bow-tie.

I have met some of my best friends in the greek system here at USC.

The event will start off with a mixer at Town and Gown, one of the great receptions spots on campus. I really like this part as I get to catch up with a lot of my greek friends and see how their semester have been going and the awesome things they have accomplished. In addition, elections are coming up in fraternity and sororities so I get to hear if people have been nominated for positions in their houses and what position they are thinking about taking. There are also some well recognized greek alumni that come to the mixer as well. I really enjoy talking to them and finding out what they majored in and how they got to where they are today. It is also pretty fun to recount their fraternity or sorority experience with them as well.

Then we go inside Town and Gown and have a movie presentation which sums up the past year of Greek events in about 15 minutes or so. Each chapter is highlighted in 30 seconds or so and then the movie usually goes on to tell of the greater impact the Greek community has had on the surrounding community as well as USC. This all happens while we have a nice dinner. I believe this year it will be filet mignon, my favorite!

Raising over $5,000 for ALS research was one of our fraternity accomplishments this year, something I am really proud of.

After this usually the president of each Greek Council gets a chance to speak as to the things that their council has done in the past year. Then the Associate Dean and Assistant Dean of Fraternity and Sorority Development speak. After the conclusion of this a guest speaker, usually a notable greek alumnus speaks to his/her experience and how it has helped them throughout the course of their life. This is always a great part of the night.

Finally dessert is served and we get to talk among ourselves. I really enjoy the Greek Gala as it is an event that brings to light the many positive impacts that the greek system has on USC and the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, since the event is generally filled with leaders of current houses (usually the executive board) and emerging leaders insightful conversation is always plentiful. I enjoy networking with these leaders and am able to see all the great ideas they have.

I have to go get my suit from the dry cleaners but I will see you next week.

Have a great weekend,


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