I can’t believe it is already that time of year again. My thoughts are flooded with how my internship will be this summer, where I will be living, if everyone will be friendly, and so much more. As you may have heard in my blogs and tweets before, I am working at GE Healthcare this summer as an intern in the Sales Commercial Leadership Program:

GE_Healthcare_Discovery_MR750w_thumbThere is so much going through my mind about GE Healthcare this summer. I have a already had an “Introduction Presentation” conference call and got to meet all 15 of the other Sales Commercial Leadership Interns for the summer. It was awesome to get to know them a little bit more. Over the course of the past two weeks we have had two difference conference calls to go over the different Modalities (divisions) in GE Healthcare. As we learn more from the employees in the different modalities we are expected to pick a modality which we want to work in this summer. I am thinking about going for the Performance Solutions modality but I am also quite interested in the Ultrasound modality as well.

In addition to choosing in which division I will be working in I am also do a lot of other work on the side in order to gear up for summer. A lot goes into planning for an internship. I just recently secured my housing situation after about a month of research on places to live and if they were fully furnished or not (because I can’t ship furniture and don’t want to furnish a whole apartment for three months of living), I decided on living at  The Park at 1824  which seems like an awesome apartment complex located right next to downtown Milwaukee. Most of the GE Healthcare Interns are living at The Park so I am excited to have some fun times with them over the summer.


I am also looking at having a car for the summer! Many of the different divisions in GE Healthcare are spread about Milwaukee and Waukesha. Due to the nature of the job I will need to be traveling a lot. I will also want to go to the gym and have a sense of freedom when I am in Milwaukee to go where I want or even drive to Chicago for Lollapalooza, so having a car will be great. I am in a bit of a predicament though. My sister graduates from college on May 18th at 11:00 am and my first day of work is on May 20th. Because of this I will have to get in a car right after her graduation and drive to Milwaukee, can you say ROAD TRIP! I am excited but it will definitely be a fast series of events. If you have any great music or books on tape to listen to please comment below and let me know. I would love to stay entertained during the car ride.

As you can tell I am really excited for my summer internship. I can’t wait to get hands on once again and see how GE Healthcare operates differently than some of the companies I have worked at before. I am also excited to explore a new city and meet new people! Everyone in the program seems awesome and I believe we will be really close at the end of a summer.

Hope you have a great weekend,


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