Hey everyone,

The picture of the day is me and a Milwaukee staple food. It is me eating cheese curds, have you ever had them? They kind of taste like string cheese but the consensus is that they were overhyped.


I can’t believe that it is already Friday and that July is more than halfway over! Time really does fly (I feel like I have overused this phrase in the past year of blogs, but it really is true so I’m sticking with it). I have three weeks left in my internship before I go home and I only have 4 weeks left until I am back at USC. I can’t wait for the coming year but things here at GE Healthcare are really keeping me on my toes.

How’s the internship going?

I described the leadership program I am in this summer at GE Healthcare during my last blog post so I am just going to give a brief update here. Right now I am in the final stages of my internship so I am finalizing all my project work. I created a communication plan for the deployment of salesforce.com including all of the promotional materials and training announcements, managed training for over 200 employees, created a playbook on how to add and edit Install Base data within salesforce.com, created a playbook on how to develop targeted marketing strategies with Install Base data, created a process map in order to trace the process from how to get Install Base information to how to clean it and upload it to salesforce.com, and my proudest accomplishment has been creating macros in order to define a new efficient process to manipulate Install Base data for upload which resulted in over 1 million new usable records in the tool. As you can see I have had my hands busy for the past 9 weeks here. In addition in the next two weeks I will be helping to lead training and train over 200 employees on the ins and outs of salesforce.com and its functionality. I am so excited to be identified as someone who should join the training team because I will really see get to see the launch of this product through to completion.

In addition to my normal project work we have also been working on a collaborative project with some interns from the program in which we are research a hospital system and get a variety of information including financials, demographics, and install base. After we collect as much information as we can we have to pitch an idea on how to break into the account to the account manager. We also have a sales simulation that we will be partaking in during the last week in July. Can’t wait to see if I have what it takes to be a salesman.

You sure do talk a lot about your internship, do you do anything for fun?

I have had a lot of awesome experiences in Milwaukee so far! This past weekend I went sailing with my boss on Lake Michigan which was awesome. She has been racing sailboats with her husband for quite sometime and it was great to get out on the water and raise the “spinnaker” and the “jib” as well as learn how to “tack”. Don’t worry I still don’t know what these terms mean, I just looked them up so I would sound smart. I also turned 21 at the end of June so my intern friends and I went out and celebrated! My family can never be left out so my mom and dad, who couldn’t make it, ordered a hideous pink monkey singing telegram. How many people’s parents have done that before? They win.

Taylor came out and visited for fourth of July. The short time she was here flew by as we went to the Milwaukee Zoo and were fascinated by the Hippos, went down to Chicago to see The Book of Mormon, which was hilariously distasteful, saw an indie summer movie called The Kings of Summer, which is now my new favorite movie, and saw fireworks. We ate at a different place almost every day and tried to change our diets to be Milwaukeans (one big brunch and one dinner). Before I knew it, it was time for her to go back to California though. In addition it was Summerfest in Milwaukee, one of the largest music festivals in the world, and I got to see Timeflies (one of my favorite bands from Boston) and Imagine Dragons. I had a great time down at the festival grounds with all the interns.

Oh and did I tell you that we went on an intern scavenger hunt of Milwaukee? Well we did and got some embarrassing pictures of me in a cheese hat, doing an air guitar in front of Summerfest grounds, and doing a handstand in Cathedral Square. What …. you want to see a picture? Fine, just one.


We have done some really awesome volunteer activities as well. First and foremost I conquered a fear and gave blood for the first time! In addition we participated in Miracle League, a baseball league for children with special needs. You get paired up with a buddy who has special needs and help him or her hit, run the bases, thrown, and catch. I had so much fun and it really helped me to remember the meaning of life as my concerns about work and school started to slip away. Living in the Miracle League moment was one of the best times I had this summer. Lastly, we are going to volunteer tomorrow at a Fire & Ice Gala for Blessings in a Backpack. We are helping to raise money in order to help feed children in need of school lunches. With the money raised the organization will buy food and fill up children’s backpacks every week with food for that week. It is a great organization.

Anything else that you have been up to?

I have been working pretty hard this summer on some extra-curricular things for next year at USC as well. Next year I will be leading Order of Omega as the President so I have met with everyone on board, despite the different time zones, in order to outline roles and expectations as well as come up with a game plan for what we have to have done by the start of school in the fall in order to be successful. I am also going to be coaching for the Freshman Academy program. This is absolutely one of my favorite activities on campus. Myself and Lyssa will be co-coaches and we will be helping to mentor a class of students through their first semester of college. We will be planning our activities and the general layout and feel we want the class to have soon. Also I have been working with the Interfraternity Council board to welcome our new Vice President of Student Affairs as well as hammer out some details for the fall regarding recruitment and retreats.

Are you traveling at all soon?

Funny you should ask that, I am actually going to Miami OH to the Phi Delta Theta Emerging Leaders Institute from July 26th – July 29th in order to help facilitate programming as a Peer Mentor. I can’t wait to share my experiences with others who are growing in Greek Life currently. I will be going to Chicago for Lollapalooza August 1st -August 3rd and I absolutely can’t wait! If it was as much fun as it was last year I am definitely in for a treat again.

As always please reach out to me if you have any questions at all through tweet or email. I would be more than happy to answer them.

Have a great weekend everyone,


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