This past week I had the beginning of midterm season and papers like many of the other students here on campus. But I believe that balance is key and this past week was so much fun. First though: the random picture of the week:

My sister and I in front of Tommy Trojan.

Last Friday I got to attend the Viterbi Career Conference as I was saying in my last post and it was a great time. There was a lot of networking and I got to talk to other Trojans about my internship last summer and try to help them in finding an internship for this upcoming summer. Phi Delt FIFA was also that day. That is our annual philanthropy which helps to raise money by ALS by having all the sororities compete in a soccer competition, it was a lot of fun! Later that night I went to my girlfriends sorority invite and the theme was “Old Hollywood.” We had a blast and dressed the part.

After that this weekend was filled with homework, studying, trips to Yogurtland and applying for internships. Wednesday I had my first midterm in Molecular Biology and it went pretty well. I was really looking forward to Thursday which was the Viterbi Career Expo, a time to network and secure an internship for next summer. In addition Thursday night I took a trip to the Stinking Rose with Taylor. It was a great experience and not for the faint of breathe. Everything is made with garlic. From the garlic bread that they have waiting for you on the table, the calamari with garlic sauce, to the garlic ice cream. It was an unique restaurant with a great atmosphere. I would absolutely recommend it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you next Friday.


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