Hey everyone,

Hope your week has been well! I am currently en route to San Francisco, and I am so excited. You have probably heard a lot of people talking about The Weekender, but what is this mysterious pilgrimage to Northern California that a lot of USC students go on during fall semester? The Weekender is a big deal at USC. It also always changes due to the football schedule. Whenever USC plays Stanford or Berkeley as an away game, the pilgrimage commences. Students from USC flock to San Francisco and basically take over the city in order to take a break from classes, experience a different city, cheer on our football team, and most importantly have fun with our fellow Trojans!

Nyan Boateng, Taylor Mays

I am going to the Cal game this year and decided to drive up with Taylor early this morning. We are going to have a blast. We are staying with one of her sorority sisters and one of my fraternity brothers and are going to be in the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf. Some fun things we want to do include going to Ghiradelli Square, go to Golden Gate park, visit the Golden Gate bridge, maybe go on a city tour or just walk around and find some fun things to do. It will definitely be a fun, relaxing weekend. I will have more to report after I get back but be sure to be checking my twitter feed (@USCBrenton) for some real time updates. If you have an ideas for what to do while I am up there tweet at me, I would love suggestions.

Have a great weekend,


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