Hey everyone,

Hope you have all had a great week! Cheers to the weekend, I know it has definitely been a busy week for me. But first the picture of the week which comes to us from last Friday’s Gamma Phi Invite – Roaring 20s (except their Executive Board and their dates dressed like modern day gangsters).  Can you say “FLAVOR FLAV!” 


Right around this time of the semester everyone starts to walk to class with summary sheets, the smell of coffee pervades campus, and longer nights seem to be all too common. Midterm season is upon us! As sure as the leaves will start to fall from trees during this time (at least they did back in Boston)  is the fact that students will also be tested on the knowledge they have learned thus far in their classes. I am no different and have had a lot of tests recently, compiled with work, student organizations, and job interviews, it has been a busy few weeks and if there was ever a need for a break it is around this time.

Therefore Taylor and I decided to escape to the wonderful island of Catalina this past weekend. Just a short 30 minute ride to Long Beach, we saw the ferry that would take us to the island. The trip there was an hour ride across the Pacific Ocean and as we pulled up the island we could see the rich history and houses built into the mountain range. USC even has it’s own Institute for Environmental Studies on the island, but that is over by a part of the island called Two Harbors. We decided to go to the more touristy spot – Avalon.

Life on the island is simple. Swim in the ocean, snorkel, parasail, lay on the beach, have some great sweets at Llyod’s Candy Shop, or even grab some fish and chips at Antonio’s. It was definitely a much needed vacation and we took advantage of all there was to offer. We got dollar tacos at the Sand Trap, swam in the ocean, shared a heath bar caramel apple, got myself come new swim trunks, and relaxed on the beach. It was definitely a much needed get away. One piece of advice I have is to always reward yourself for working hard, and never forget to take time out for yourself. I definitely splurged a bit on the trip to Catalina but it was a memory that I will always have, and I had an awesome time!


Now back to the grind. I have an Organic Chemistry and Engineering Project Management midterm on Monday as well as an Physiological Systems midterm on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Hope you have a great weekend,


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