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Hey there, welcome to my student page! I’m Betty, a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering from Camarillo, CA. On campus, I’m involved as a Freshman Academy Coach, Illumin Magazine Editor, and the Chair of KIUEL! My past summers have involved, working at a start up in Santa Monica, Studying Abroad in London, England through the Viterbi Overseas Program and doing research abroad wit the Hodge Nanomaterials Lab! Living in Los Angeles is amazing as well! Keep scrolling to check out what my #ViterbiLife is like!

My Favorite Places in LA


The summer after my sophomore year I did research abroad with the Hodge Nanomaterials Lab in Karlsruhe, Germany! I spent a month living in Germany, working with German Ph.D candidates from the Karlsruhe institute of Technology learning and working on nanomaterials!
As a Freshmen Academy Coach, I mentor first-semester engineering students in an introduction engineering course that focuses on the 14 Grand Challenges! It’s a lot of fun interacting with the students, and it’s an incredibly rewarding experience!
Illumin is an online magazine dedicated to exploring the science and technology behind the things we encounter every day. Produced by the Engineering Writing Program, Illumin features the work of talented USC undergraduate engineers along with submissions from universities across the nation.

My Major at USC: Aerospace Engineering

My Favorite Classes
The infamous Mechops class… While it’s one of the most time consuming classes at USC, it honestly makes you such a better engineer. We learn Mechanical, Optical, and electrical engineering and how to form experiments, reports, and presentations from our data!
THE BEST Introduction to Aerospace Engineering! I absolutely loved this intro class. We learned the basics of flight mechanics, Solidworks, and got to build a glider!
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Application Essays

I thought of my college essay as a sort of personal narrative. Try it out, and maybe you’ll realize that writing the essay becomes enjoyable rather than a chore! Also, don’t overthink the short answer section. They’re not trick questions!

Application Extracurriculars

Don’t feel pressured to list every last extracurricular activity you’ve ever remotely been involved in. It’s totally cool just to talk about the few things you’re most interested in.

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2 Truths, 1 Lie

Can you guess which of these are true or false?
True! I’m a dual citizen of Thailand and the United States. My mom is from there!
False! I hate cats. I love dogs.
Yep. This is a true one. I spend all my money buying ridiculous face masks and I can’t stop…

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    Jane the Virgin. Don’t ask, just watch it. I promise you won’t regret it.

  • This is the greatest thing to happen on prime time television. It’s an amazing abc comedy about such real world family.