I’ve written a couple blogs already about staying healthy as a student and working out at USC, but this semester I’ve decided to take the workouts around Los Angeles!

I’d like to just make a quick notes and say, the USC Lyon Center has an amazing facility, set of classes, and USC has Physical Education classes if you really need that forced workout. Here’s a link to their current class schedule. It’s only $85/ semester to take unlimited classes!

I’ve done their classes numerous times and loved them, and I’ve taken a bunch of PE classes through USC, but I’ve always wanted to take those bougie Los Angeles workout classes and I’ve never been able to afford them… until now! 

Over break I heard about this thing called class pass. Its where you pay a monthly fee to take 3, 5, 10, or unlimited classes from different gyms around Los Angeles, and let me tell you, it’s amazing! I just started a few days ago and I can’t feel my body. I got a deal as a first time person signing up and got 3 months of 5 classes per month for $30/ month. That’s only $6/ class! anddddd all the gyms I’ve gone to so far have been at least $200/ month.

Here’s my code to get $30 off when you sign up:  http://class.ps/eTpj5

I’ve so far done Pure Barre downtown which is a spin off of ballet for one of the most intense booty workouts of your life! Yes, it’s mostly all women (but men can and should too!!) and yes, they’re mostly all beautiful people there, but again you are too! It’s an incredibly supportive environment. Even if you’re like me and really love weight lifting and go in thinking it will be easy, it’s not. You will die, but then have a nice butt.

Pure Barre Workout Class

Pure Barre Workout Class

And a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Class at a crossfit gym. This was more like my normal workouts I do, but still kicked my butt! For only $6!!!


My next class is in a week at an aerial silk gym! I’m so excited to keep trying new classes and I just wanted to share this amazing opportunity with you all!


^^ That’s going to be me in a week! Think of me so I don’t fall and die.

Have a great week! and Fight On!

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