Since my internship has officially ended and I can no longer take a bunch of snap chats of the office dog,

Office Dog

Office Dog

I’m going to walk you through what’s a weekend like in the amazing city of Los Angeles! Being in LA this summer has been such an amazing experience because I’ve been able to have more time to explore all of the places I’ve been wanting to go for the last 3 years and do it guilt free (with no homework to come back to).

If you didn’t see all over social media, there’s now a sky slide in downtown LA, and the USC football team was one of the first groups to go on it!

For opening day, dtla (downtown LA) shut down the streets and had a block party featuring Far East Movement and Snoop Dog!

Saturday night was spent explore dtla life and enjoying the block party festivities! The next day we got up early because we had a food mission in mind. Smorgasburg LA. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up. Now. Right here.

It’s heaven. From unique foods like ramen burger or the rain drop cake, to vintage clothing to energy stones, to candles and essential oils, it’s a foodie hipster dream and my best friend and I took in every ounce of it. First walking in, it was incredible overwhelming. There had to be at least 50 vendors and all of them looked amazing so we just took a classic pic with the pizza and ramen burger cut out.

Smorgasborg LA

Smorgasborg LA

Next we finally found food, and I got some pad thai! It was amazing and would totally recommend but it is really big (like 2 meals) so if you want to try a bunch of things, it’s not recommended you start here.

I’ve been back to smorbasburg about 3 times this summer and I really don’t plan on stopping. It’s every sunday in the flower district of dtla and if you’re in the area this summer I 12/10 recommend going!

This week I plan on going to the new Art installation downtown so I’ll let you know how it goes on my socail media!

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Fight on!

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