Senior year has officially begun! (Crazy, right?)

I’ve blogged a lot about KIUEL over the past couple years, but here’s another blog just because I love this group so much!

The first weekend back at USC all of the Viterbi Presidents (all overseen by KIUEL) went on a retreat to Idllywild for a weekend retreat of trust building, ropes courses, and leadership development. The weekend retreat has always been an amazing way for me and the other leaders to get motivated for the upcoming year and just get back into being at school.

This weekend we did some crazy ropes courses, zip lines, and night hiked in the mountains. In addition, all the leaders were able to come together for the first time and meeting and set up potential collaboration discussions. This is my second year as the chair of KIUEL and our board has decided we want to focus on promoting greater collaboration within the student organizations in order to propel the Viterbi Community.

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

img_0119 img_0126

Hope everyone is getting back into the swing of school okay!

Beat the Utes!

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