I’m currently making my schedule for next semester and I have some room for electives classes and looking through all of the options made me realize how many awesome opportunities USC has for its students.

1.Hip Hop

I took Hip Hop my spring semester freshman year and it was a really great class to break me out of my comfort zone. Our professor was this professional dancer who had his own dance group and was a back up dance for Beyonce during the superbowl and MTV VMAs! I have absolutely no rhythm, and still don’t after that class, but regardless it was so much fun.

2. Sailing Naish and Kelly are currently taking the famous USC sailing class! Its only a 2 unit class where you learn about sailing a sail bout and your final is to do a voyage to Catalina and back!


3. Surfing

Next semester I’m planning on taking a 1 unit surfing class. The class meets once a week at Santa Monica beach and we learn how to surf!

4. Photography

If you have more units available, the 4 unit intro to photography class is a very popular art elective! The Roski school is an incredible art school with great resources so its nice to be able to take advantage of them!

Can’t wait to have a finalized schedule and figure out what I’m taking.

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