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This past week was the craziness of career week! People all around are attending info sessions, networking events, and the career fair! And some are even getting interviews and job offers. This week, I went to the Viterbi Industry Networking Event (VINE), The Viterbi Career Fair and the Society of Women Engineers Fall Industry Networking Event. It was a crazy week and I handed out so many resumes and got a lot of cool career swag, but I think the best way to describe this week as a Viterbi student career hunting is though the snapchats of Viterbi Student.

  1. The week begins with bringing out those business professional clothes that have been hiding in your closet. Career
  2. And then you get to the first event and run into the awesome Viterbi alumni (like Sam who now works for Disney)VINE Career
  3. And then your org gets involved and also tries to get funding (Thanks Northrop)
  4. And then the event we’ve all been waiting for, the Career Fair. We’re out there trying to f(x) in the heat, hundreds of bodies and tables. Career Fair
  5. And then finally its all over and the waiting for interviews, and job offers wait. And we can celebrate at the Thursday night football game.
  6. For some the week isn’t over and now they’re off to conferences for the weekend! This weekend Kelly is going to the ASCE Conference in NYC and Maria is off to Stanford for an LGBT Engineers Conference. 


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