I wanted to take a little bit of time this week to talk about my favorite perks of living in LA! I’ve grown up only an hour away from LA, living in LA has had so many perks! My greatest guilty pleasure of living in LA is all of the celebrities and incredible events that happen all around USC (and sometimes even on campus!) Here have been some of my favorite moments of living right in the heart of hollywood

  1. The Neighbors Premier

My freshman year I thought I was just going to the opening day premier of the movie The Neighbors, but I ended up seeing the entire cast at the theater at the Grove!

2. Jimmy Kimmel Taping

Watching ridiculous amounts of TV in my free time has always made me want to be one of the audience members in talk shows and I applied and easily got tickets to Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy Kimmel is filmed at hollywood and highland which is easily gotten to by the Metro that goes right by campus! When I went with Hannah, we even got a little concert from Rick Ross!

3. Ellen Taping

My favorite talk show and Youtube death trap ever is Ellen! I’ve watched her show as long as I could remember and Maria invited me to go with her since she won tickets! It was soooo much fun and even though we were only in the riff raff room, we still got guaranteed tickets for next time we go!


Us Before going into the Ellen Show Taping!

4. FREE Bruno Mars (and lil Jon and Zedd) Concert

A couple weeks ago, my roommate texted me telling me to go somewhere on campus to get Bruno Mars tickets. Not even remembering Bruno Mar’s last song, I ran over and got Free tickets! It was such a good time and we ended up being in the second row!

2nd Row at the Bruno Mars Concert!

2nd Row at the Bruno Mars Concert!


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