As midterms wind down, I keep thinking of what I am going to do for myself to take a little relaxing break before finals begin. My favorite post midterms study break is going to Disneyland! Its always important to take time for yourself in school, because you can easily get caught up in needing to always study, so taking a day break to splurge at Disneyland is healthy and very good for the soul. ┬áSince I started going to USC, I’ve have yet to go to Disneyland and not see a student I know, so I think I am just following a tradition in going to disneyland. Also, the USC ticket office, offers discounted tickets to Disneyland and other theme parks in the area.

At this time of the year is my favorite time to go because Disneyland Main Street is decorated in pumpkins and halloween decor. In addition, a couple of the rides have been altered to give them a special Halloween flare! And at night, there’s the Mickey not so scary Halloween party, which is pretty much knotts scary farm with more candy and for children that are too scared to go to that (aka me).

Disneyland Halloween 2

Hand carved pumpkins at Disneyland

I’ve grown up in Southern California, but slightly north of LA; therefore when I came to USC, one of the major perks was being so close to Disneyland! Disneyland is about 30 minutes from USC by car. Many students will get a Zipcar for the day, but you can get there by the Metro! It takes a bit longer, but it is the most economical process and if you grab a group of friends together you can chat to make the time pass by quickly.

The main take away from this, is that after weeks of testing for midterms, its extremely important to take some time for yourself and relax in what ever way you enjoy! My favorite study break is Disneyland, what is yours?



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